720 SOFTHAND BASE International Coatings

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International Coatings

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Add to 700 Series, Multipurpose, 1100 Series, 7000 Series and 800 Series inks for improved hand, cost and printability. 720LF is very clear and is highly recommended for extending any process color, especially the Pro-Brite™ Process Colors. For a softer hand, add approximately 10% to 20% by volume. More may be added without affecting the cure or fusing of the mixed ink.

This product can lower the bleed resistance and/or opacity of the ink being mixed.

720LF Softhand used in 800 Series inks greatly lowers the cost of the mixed ink. Adding 720LF to 800 Series inks in amounts higher than 20%, by volume, may shift mixed Pantone colors.

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1 Quart, 1 Gallon


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